Possible Childish Headlines re: R.A. Dickey

The following are fifteen possible childish headlines regarding the R.A. Dickey trade situation:

Dickey Deep in Negotiations

Angels Working Hard on Dickey

Alderson Discussed Dickey All Night

Suitors May Have to Pay Big Price for Dickey

Deal with Dickey Close to Completion

Mets Likely Holding on to Dickey

Big Dickey News Expected Today

Phillies Taking Peek at Dickey?

New York Hopes to Extend Dickey

Mets Criticized for Handling of Dickey 

Age, Health Concerns with Dickey

Brewers on Last Minute Dickey Push

Seattle Feeling Out Dickey

Alderson Rubs Out Dickey Rumors

Market for Dickey Soft

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  1. ElJosharino says:

    Mets Pushing Dickey Hard

    Dickey Comes Out Ahead In Negotiations

    Twins Potential Dickey Recipients?

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  2. AJ says:

    This is getting ridiculous.

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  3. dustin says:

    Seattle Eager to Insert Dickey into 2 Spot

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  4. DD says:

    Pujols reaches out to Dickey?

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  5. Resolution says:

    If only there was a team named ‘The Vaginas’. I bet they could easily be incorporated into this!!

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  6. boss says:

    Twins say one Dickey not enough

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  7. KC says:

    Mets break off Dickey talks, ouch!

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  8. ElJosharino says:

    San Francisco Makes Dickey a Giant

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  9. samuelraphael says:

    Article, with entendres removed:

    Penis Deep in Negotiations

    Angels Working Hard on Penis

    Alderson Discussed Penis All Night

    Suitors May Have to Pay Big Price for Penis

    Deal with Penis Close to Completion

    Mets Likely Holding on to Penis

    Big Penis News Expected Today

    Phillies Taking Peek at Penis?

    New York Hopes to Extend Penis

    Mets Criticized for Handling of Penis

    Age, Health Concerns with Penis

    Brewers on Last Minute Penis Push

    Seattle Feeling Out Penis

    Alderson Rubs Out Penis Rumors

    Market for Penis Soft

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  10. Joe says:

    No-Trade Clause Gives Dickey Protection

    Dickey Excited About Getting Extended

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  11. Brett says:

    Mariners trying to make backdoor deal with Mets, Dickey.

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  12. Smooth says:

    Dickey: “I’m touched.”

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  13. Old Man says:

    Situation with Twins messy as Dickey pulls out.

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  14. Choo says:

    Dickey: Ahead of the game.

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  15. steex says:

    Dickey Erupts at Consummation of Deal

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  16. Resolution says:

    Dickey in boating accident, is now a one-eyed pitcher.

    one-eyed pitcher seeks personal catcher.

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  17. Mets dangle Dickey for Seattle’s Furbush

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  18. Kuntz excited for Royals’ possible acquisition of Dickey.

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  19. Jaack says:

    Twins R.A. possible destination for Mets knuckleballer.

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  20. AC of DC says:

    Unfashionable Mets Finally Part With Dickey; Wins Are Not Top Priority


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  21. Bryz says:

    Twins Want Reunion With Dickey

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  22. Bab says:

    Dickey to As in Colon Shocker

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  23. AlexandertheMeh says:

    Dickey for Furbush; Fister possibly involved in 3-way deal.

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  24. olethros says:

    Mets, Cards Swap Dickey, Randy Choate in Shocker

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  25. steex says:

    Negotiations for Dickey Come to Head

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  26. EdwardM says:

    Toronto: Happy ending for Dickey & the BJ’s!

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  27. Dan Gladden says:

    dickey extension hard to swallow

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  28. KCDaveInLA says:

    Trade with the other NY team: Mets happy to get Yank for Dickey

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  29. Dayton Moore says:

    Dickey would fit in well here, and we’re willing to give up whatever it takes to stick him in our tight rotation. We’re going after Dickey hard, and despite age concerns we think he can still perform. We really want Dickey. We want him bad.

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  30. Antonio Bananas says:

    Dickey and Fister might prove too much for opponents.

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  31. Antonio Bananas says:

    Mets rub Dickey the wrong way.
    Dodgers gobbel up Dickey.
    Dickey happy to be traded in threeway (deal)
    Dickey blows his wad (of cash) all over New York
    Yankees salivating at the thought of Dickey

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