Postcards from Japan

In an ongoing effort to scientifically clinch the correlation between longitude and awesome, I present to you — without comment, but with hearty pleasure — the following gems mined from Tumblr, where they were tagged thusly: “japanese baseball.”

From user 1863-project:

From user thefuzzden:

From user thedukeofpeckhams:

From user corporatecactus:

From user softsubs:

From user oldtimefamilybaseball:

From user artistaec:

From user bobochinceysportsblog (skip to 1:30 if you like):

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4 Responses to “Postcards from Japan”

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  1. That video game.

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  2. All Hail His Royal Majesty, Supreme King-Emperor Byun-Hyun Kim, master of a million submarines.

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  3. Ruki Motomiya says:

    I’ve seen the crazy video game video before. It never, never, never gets old.

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