Postseason TV: What an International Viewer Sees

The United States is inarguably a better country from which to follow major-league baseball than France. “For a lot of reasons,” is the answer. “Why, precisely?” is the question.

That said, it would appear as though, so far as consuming postseason baseball is concerned, there’s actually some advantage to living abroad. The reader perhaps already has some notion of why — namely because, while MLB.TV viewers in US and Canada are relegated merely to “companion coverage” of the divisional series and NLCS, international users have unfettered access to the live television feed for every game. The logic of this arrangement is not immediately obvious to the author, although one guesses “cash money” has something to do with it.

Below are five representative screenshots from an international viewer’s experience of MLB.TV’s postseason coverage. (Click any image to embiggen.)

1. Here’s the Media Center page, with notes (circled in red) regarding the options for US/Canada users versus international ones:


2. After clicking Watch on the above screen, the international user is brought here, another screen indicating the difference between the international and domestic viewing options:


3. Here’s a screenshot of the game — i.e., what any viewer of TBS would see:


4. Here’s a second screenshot of the game — one which documents how the Cardinals scored seven runs just while the author was completing this post:


5. Finally, here’s an attempt by the government to interrupt the international viewer’s postseason baseball experience with classics of the French New Wave:


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14 Responses to “Postseason TV: What an International Viewer Sees”

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  1. James says:

    I hope FanGraphs is paying for your rent in France as long as you’re going to produce cutting-edge reportage like this.

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    • To be fair, I produced considerably less important content than this, with some frequency, while I was still living in the States.

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      • pinch says:

        are they at least paying you to not produce that content? it’s hard, doing all that non-production, or production of less-unimportance.

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      • ettin says:

        I think the editor of this great site should edit and review every third article you write Carson…. in other words he should Manage a trois.

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  2. rg29 says:

    As bad as it is for not having the Pre- and Post-Game Shows in the regular season, it’s awesome I get to see the postseason for the same price as MLB.TV.

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  3. Huisj says:

    Picture 2 does make it appear that the ALCS will not be available internationally on MLB.TV. That’s anti-American.

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    • Harry Hippie says:

      ALCS is on FOX. Any american with a coat hanger can watch it.

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    • Huisj says:

      But any non-American living in non-America does not get the American LCS on MLB.TV. They’re discriminating against Americans (as in the league the players are in) and against non-Americans (as in the people out of the country who can’t watch the American League.

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  4. TKDC says:

    Is this available with my normal subscription or do you have to by the postseason thing?

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  5. Anna Karina says:

    Une pile d’argent. Un cours d’anglais. Une maison de la rivière. Une jeune fille romantique.

    Do you have the problem with this?

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