Pros and Cons of Taking My Seven-Month Old to a Mets Game


1. Getting out of our apartment.
2. Getting to go to a baseball game.
3. Having the memory of taking him to a baseball game.
4. Having pictures of the two of us at a baseball game.
5. Posting pictures on Facebook of the two of us at a baseball game.
6. Eating a hot dog.
7. I don’t think he needs his own ticket.
8. Tickets are super-cheap anyway.
9. Getting out of our apartment.
10. Getting to go to a baseball game.


1. Putting sunscreen on him is kind of annoying.
2. Getting to the game would be sort of a huge ordeal.
3. They do not have pureed hot dogs.
4. He has no idea what a baseball game is.
5. He will need a nap.
6. There is no way I want to change a diaper in a bathroom at a baseball stadium.
7. There is no way he will not need me to change his diaper in the time between leaving our apartment and returning to our apartment.
8. He will need another nap.
9. He will probably not have any interest in the baseball game.
10. He will put his hand in the mustard on my hot dog.
11. He will probably touch something dirty and then put his hand in his mouth.
12. The “something dirty” is probably the hot dog.
13. He will not cheer at the right times.
14. He will be bad at catching foul balls.
15. He will not really know where we are or remember this activity.
16. I will need a nap.
17. I will be risking that he becomes a Mets fan.

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Serious note: most stadiums have family restrooms, which are much cleaner, more spacious, and may have a diaper-changing station. This was a delightful realization I had when I took my daughter to a Cubs game. I didn’t have to take her into the men’s room, which even I don’t like going into.

Pirates Hurdles
Pirates Hurdles

Indeed, PNC has these and they are OK if you can keep people from using them to smoke.

I took my sun at 7 mos and he loved it, so many sights and sounds kept him well occupied until the obligatory nap. 19 months is much harder, he was very mobile and not old enough to understand what was going on or why he needed to stay put. We spent that entire game on the concourse, but the groundwork was laid and the next year he was good to go as long as we kept feeding him ballpark junk. By age 5 he goes to 12 or so games a year and loves it.

Jason B
Jason B

So many questions…

A) With a mass about 333,000x that of earth, did you have to purchase your sun two tickets?

B) With a corona temperature of about 5 million Kelvin, did the people in adjacent rows complain about your sun’s heat output?

C) I wouldn’t imagine your sun would qualify for kids’ ticket prices, but did it get senior ticket pricing? It is about 4.6 billion years old after all, I gotta believe that is discount territory.