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Pujols’s Knee Injury More Serious Than First Expected

Joe Strauss reports today at the St. Louis-Post Dispatch that Los Angeles Angels first baseman Albert Pujols underwent knee surgery last week in St. Louis.

However, while Strauss’s source has described the procedure as a “minor” one intended to “clean-up” the joint, some crack analysis by our Investigative Reporting Investigation Team reveals that Pujols’s knee injury — and the corresponding procedure to correct it — were likely much more serious than anyone knows.

By way of example, here’s an image of Pujols from near the end of the season:

“Nothing amiss,” you say, right? “Here is a baseball player, playing baseball,” you continue. And, yes: to the naked eye, Pujols appears to be as fit as any number of fiddles you’d care to invoke.

Well, that may be the case. However, consider that same image, following a highly technological and really difficult enhancement by the aforementioned Investigation Team:

Indeed, if this impressively enhanced image is to be believed — and, surely, why shouldn’t we believe it — then it’s entirely within the realm of possibility that Pujols played a not insignificant portion of the 2012 MLB season sans an effing knee.

Startling, is the word to describe this revelation.