Pun Headline of the Day: Reign Delayed

Congratulations to the Detroit Free Press.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.

Sometimes it doesn’t even rain.

Max Scherzer stood in the Tigers’ locker room, looking all-too refreshed. He was supposed to pitch Game 4 on Wednesday night at Comerica Park. Now he was pulling on a sweatshirt. His dream deferred, he was going home — even though he was yet to see a raindrop.

“Have you ever been rained out of a game when it didn’t rain?” someone asked him

“Yeah. Last year in the ALCS, actually. We were in Texas. They called it at 3 o’clock. It never rained.”

He smirked.

“And I was supposed to pitch.”

Deja plu.

(OK. That was a French reference. Either you got it or you didn’t. It’s a rainout column. We use what we can.)

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Boy, Magglio really let himself go.


Ah, good ol’ passé composé. I haven’t seen it since high school.