Jose Bautista is a bilingual gentleman. When he tweets, he tweets in full sentences that are often adequately punctuated. Significant tweets, he translates into English if first tweeted in Spanish, into Spanish if first tweeted in English). He is dapper.

Jose Bautista, surely, is not unaware of the sometimes awesome differences of expression in the two languages that he speaks. Consider especially the discrepancy in hashtags of the following tweets — the first the original tweet in English and the second Mr. Bautista’s own translation:

#NotCool is not very cool. #QueBarbara, however, which can be more directly translated as “How barbaric!” or that “That Barbarian!”might also be taken to mean “Oh, that Barbara!” And that is pretty cool.

One is — i.e. I am — led to thoughts of a sitcom, wherein Mr. Bautista happens upon into his neighbor, “Crazy Barbara,” at various intervals as she destroys the world one gas station at a time, each segment ending with Mr. Bautista turning to the camera and saying, “¡Que Barbara!”

And when the world has been rendered devoid of gas stations (Season 9, Episode 17), it will be Barbara’s turn to look into the camera and say, “¡Que bueno suerte! ¡Tengo gasolina in mi bolsa!” And then there will be nothing left to tweet.

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4 Responses to “#QueBarbara”

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  1. steex says:

    I believe it’s safe to assume that Jose Bautista is dressed in a bumblebee costume in this Spanish sitcom. If so, I will be watching.

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  2. dp says:

    I saw this and immediately regressed to my childhood and listening to this on vinyl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko1z1-zhfYs

    Also, steex: Jose Bautista is totally not in a bumblebee costume. He’d be a perfect Don Ramon for the reboot of El Chavo del Ocho, though. He’d wear a fisherman hat, wield a bat, tell wild stories of his exploits that no one would believe, and when the kids got on his nerves he’d try to launch them and injure himself instead.

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  3. AC of DC says:

    Some of these scenes should end with Crazy Barbara, who the audience has heretofore believed to be oblivious to the proceedings, turning suddenly to regard Sr. Bats while he is unaware, her cheeks flush with arousal, her eyes smoldering with seduction, running her fingers down to the point of her chin and purring, “Que barba.”

    That is how you court the female 35-49 demographic. That and scenes of him doing chores shirtless.

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  4. Free Barbaro Canizares

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