Random Facts About Melky

Smooth like milk.

Maybe you’re wondering about Melky Cabrera even though his trade to the Giants has been thoroughly dissected. But, you’re wondering about, well, you’re wondering about his name. You know about his game. Where did he get that name? What does it mean.

Here are ten random (and slightly randy) thoughts about his name:

1) Melky is short for Melquiades.
2) The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada is a pretty good movie.
3) Melquiades means “Rey por la gracia de Dios.”
4) That’s “King by the grace of God” for you gringos.
5) Melky is sorta like Mel for you gringos, too.
6) No, not like Mel Brooks. Well, sorta, but not really.
7) More like Melky (nee Melchior) Miller of Accident, Maryland, who brewed some of America’s first whiskey in 1875. Eh, not really either.
8) Melky sounds sorta like ‘milky.’
9) Melky’s nickname is “Leche,” which means milk in Spanish.
10a) “Leche” is also slang for a uniquely male bodily fluid if you knaw mean.
10b) When Cabrera did something of note, the Yankee Stadium scoreboards used to flash “Tiene Leche?” (“Got Milk?”)
10c) Tiene Leche indeed, gentlemen.

But he’s got the milk.

An intricate and highly difficult handshake to Bexy for the pictures.

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4 years 7 months ago

If there’s anything the Melky trade has brought to the Giants – it’s meme possibilities and more importantly: humorous posts from anyone on the subject.

Is he just a nice punching bag/poke fun at/don’t poke too much or else he’ll pop?

Luv u, Melk

4 years 7 months ago

Melky is great to follow and root for. So long as he’s not on your team.