Rappers and Baseball Hats: AL Central

Wherein we rank the American League Central franchises by how fresh their logo has been repped in rap history.

5. Kansas City Royals

The absolute only instance I could find of a rapper steppin’ out with a Royals cap is this picture of Kanye West, which we can probably assume was some sort of mistake, and that the guy in his entourage who lays out his clothes was fired the next day.

And also, this:

4. Minnesota Twins

With apologies to Brother Ali, the blind rapper who only wears Minnesota Twins gear, this one’s not even close.

3. Detroit Tigers

Even if I could have found a cool picture of Eminem in a Tigers fitted, the pick still would have been Ice Cube as Doughboy in 1991’s Boyz n the Hood.

2. Cleveland Indians

Phife rocks a classic Cleveland get-up in this pretty sweet vid for “Check the Rhime”.  Bonus points for the jersey/ hat solidarity – and shame on Q-Tip for the Braves cap/ Yankees jersey combo.

1. Chicago White Sox

As much as it pained me to put them over my Indians, it really couldn’t shake out any other way. Congrats, Chicago, you deserve it.

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Don’t worry, it won’t be long before everybody in the world sees your Indians over m White Sox.