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Rapper’s Relative or Baseball Player

Frank Mathers
Frank’s nickname is “Slim” because he’s fatter than his brother Marshall, not because he’s shady or anything.

Alex Crooks
Since he’s from East L.A., there’s at least an outside chance this guy is related to Lesane Parish Crooks, who had a higher number in his name than Crooks had minor league seasons. Then again, there aren’t any pictures of him online. He could be white.

Larry Jackson
His nickname is actually Curtis, he played in the 30s, and Curtis Jackson, III is a semi-famous rapper… everything lines up for him to be his grandfather except for that whole color barrier thing.

Darold Knowles
His slider brought all the boys to the yard.

Alex Rios
Alex is about half the size of his now-deceased ‘brother’ Christopher Carlos Jr, but he can still punish a fastball.

Bill Hall
Sometimes Bill wishes Marcel WAS just a friend.

Rene Marchand
Daughter Inga was sexy like a fox.

Mickey Callaway
Mickey always thought his nephew made bizarre choices, like when he quit the rap group to sing more, or the time he covered Talking Heads.

James Ivey
Did James’ brother Artis have a son? And did that son take his father’s name? And then a different name? And did that son go on a fantastic voyage that rivaled his uncle’s 13 innings in A-ball in 1971?

Buck Marrow
If rap had been a thing in 1909, Tracy Marrow’s great-great-grandfather’s given name might have been better than his rapper name, which had way too much in common with a Sunday afternoon refreshment to be “hard.”

Did you get all the rappers?