Readers With Blogs (#1)

I told readers in a recent post that if you followed me on Twitter, I’d check out your blog. Let’s call this post the first in a series that will take a look at some NotGraphs reader blogs and point you toward some interesting things I find. If you’d like to potentially be included in a future post, it’s easy.

There have been about thirty blogs for me to check out so far, so if I don’t get to yours immediately, it doesn’t mean I won’t. I am tempted to add that if you want me to link to your blog, it would help if the blog is written in English. But, based on the blog I’m about to link to, it may actually help if the blog isn’t written in English.

1000 Ballgame Ways is the first blog I’ve ever seen that posts all of the Rangers’ FanGraphs game graphs and then writes about them in Japanese. Google Translate helps me to understand what seems to be an analysis of Yu Darvish’s chances for the Rookie of The Year award:

Here, the greater part of his leg was pulled to the evil of luck. However, some I had been really sweet and contains a heavy blow. Influence or was in the summer, the last few games I have also a slight decrease in speed of a ball. However, I think that the state is not as bad as has been reported. Rookies in the AL not named Mike Trout is I have sent a season best. Also seen in both League Rookie Pitcher of the performance is better than he would about Wade Miley (ARI).

Here is also an opinion of Ron Washington:

Wash, but I think a great coach, in terms of the sense of incomprehensible helm is undeniable. In particular, intensive per Sakubanto. Back 10 times and there is no other word. Walk-off loss in the error crush any chance of a double play two.

Just as an experiment, if I take last Friday’s Rangers game recap from Yahoo and run it through a translation into Japanese and then back, this is what I get:

Austin Jackson, it was necessary to run a lot more difficult than Prince Fielder for the same result. Jackson’s home before his first race of career inside-the-park homer, Fielder began to jog around the bases after the go-ahead three-run home run for the Tigers, 6-2 victory over Texas innings in Detroit state-of-the-art western AL Rangers on Friday night.

“Yeah, they both count the same number,” Fielder said with a laugh. After Nelson Cruz right fielder is on his gloves, was tried diving in front of him on the wall to catch a bouncing ball inside to 7 times Jackson – get a career in his first home run of the park was. Then, third base coach Gene Lamont Jackson and was a full stride, was waving him home. He wanted to go like I was watching it in the eye, he has sent me,” Jackson said. This is one of those things, it is such a thing ever happens do not think.”

This is one of those things. It is such a thing ever happens do not think.

More blogs next week.

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“Ron Washington and the Sense of Incomprehensible Helm.”

Google Translate is arguably the greatest poet of our time.