Real Photos: Boileryard Clarke Haunting Young Children

It’s a matter of public record that Boileryard Clarke was conceived at New York’s Auburn State Prison during a terrifying 12-minute conjugal visit on Valentine’s Day of 1868, raised by a ornery bull terrier named Dom behind a lower Manhattan tenement house, and experienced compassion just once in his life — but would never divulge why or for whom.

What Boileryard Clarke never cared for — likely because he never was one himself — was children. And as these real and not-fake images demonstrate, Boileryard Clarke continues to terrify them even in spectral form.

Boileryard Cheese


Boileryard Cheese 4


Boileryard Cheese 5

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3 Responses to “Real Photos: Boileryard Clarke Haunting Young Children”

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  1. Martyn says:

    The living (or dead) image of Stoke City hard man and ‘Berlin Wall’ Robert Huth, who not only haunts children but switches their milk for distilled liquid herpes:

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    • Martyn says:

      I was suggesting that Clarke is a ringer for Huth, by the way. I did not make that clear. This shall be my final post. I go to prostrate myself on the sluice flooring of a Moroccan horse abattoir.

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      • harperhill says:

        It’s ok Martyn, don’t be so hard on yourself. Perhaps just make that the first, last and only time I have to read about children drinking any form of STD. Sluice flooring of a Moroccan horse abattoir, though — that I can live with.

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