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Received: 2011 Amazin’ Avenue Annual

Allow this post to remind all manner of book-writers: NotGraphs is in the business of receiving your books for free, reading them, and then writing thinly veiled advertisements on their behelf.

Courtesy of Amazin’ Avenue‘s Eric Simon, the NotGraphs Literary Bureau has recently come into possession of the forthcoming 2011 Amazin’ Avenue Annual.

A review will almost certainly follow next week. In the meantime, here’s a the table of contents:

by Ken Davidoff

by Eric Simon

Part 1: Looking Back On 2010
Chapter One: Ten For ’10
by Eric Simon

Chapter Two: Pelfrey, Pitch Types & Platoon Splits
by Eno Sarris and Josh Smolow

Chapter Three: A Conversation With R.A. Dickey
by Sam Page

Part 2: Changing Of The Guard
Chapter Four: Cleaning Up After Minaya
by Ted Berg

Chapter Five: The Essentials Of Happiness
by Jeff Sullivan

Chapter Six: Revenge Of The Nerds
by Sam Page

Chapter Seven: Have Hope, Mets Fans
by Grant Brisbee

Part 3: Profiling The NL East & The 2011 Mets
Chapter Eight: Colossal NL East Adventure
by Tommy Bennett

Chapter Nine: Previewing The NL East Rivals
by Satchel Price

Chapter Ten: Meet The New Boss
by Alex Nelson

Chapter Eleven: Player Profiles And Projections

Part 4: The Minors: The Remnants Of Minaya
Chapter Twelve: Legacy Of A Scouting Director
by Alex Nelson

Chapter Thirteen: Reviewing The 2010 Mets Minors
by Rob Castellano

Chapter Fourteen: Prospect Profiles And Projections
by Rob Castellano

Part 5: Beyond The Chalk
Chapter Fifteen: The Unsung Superstar
by Joe Posnanski

Chapter Sixteen: Levittown
by Sam Page

Chapter Seventeen: Rookie In The Press Box
by Eric Simon

Chapter Eighteen: The Mets Legacy Initiative
by Greg Prince & Jason Fry

Part 6: Retrospectives
Chapter Nineteen: Overshadowed And Overlooked
by Alex Nelson

Chapter Twenty: The 2006 Mets, Then And Now
by Will Leitch

Chapter Twenty-One: ’Round Midnight
by Matthew Callan

Chapter Twenty-Two: Glavotage
by James Kannengieser