Recently Purchased Cap Update: Item Out for Delivery!

Tracking 2
Annotated racking information c/o the USPS and Carson Cistulli’s boundless imagination.

Sometimes it’s the case in this world that, if you ask, you also shall receive. This post is an example of a different thing, however — namely, of not asking, but receiving anyway.

What the reader hasn’t asked for is an update of the Winston-Salem Spirits ballcap the author recently purchased via eBay. What the reader is receiving nonetheless is an update with regard to the transport of that same ballcap from the vendor in West Virginia to where the author is staying for the week at his father’s house in Concord, NH.

What one finds by inspecting the tracking information above is that the cap in question has traveled from Maxwelton, West Virginia (Nickname: The City That Sleeps a Reasonable Number of Hours), to Concord, New Hampshire (Nickname: The Cradle of Most Cistullis). What one continues to find is that the much-anticipated cap is not merely, vaguely en route to Chez Cistulli, but has, in fact, been mercifully released for delivery.

This calls for celebration. What else it calls for is this strange image of the Spirits’ somber eagle radiating from Sophia Loren’s eyes directly to Jayne Mansfield’s ample bosoms:


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Atreyu Jones
Atreyu Jones

It looks like this saga will resolve itself better than True Detective.