Report: Adam Dunn to Bat off Tee in 2012

Phoenix, AZ — Before 2011, Adam Dunn had long been known as a three-true-outcome hitter. Unfortunately, last season, one of those outcomes occurred almost to the exclusion of the other two.

But Dunn believes he’s found a way to remedy the contact issues that sabotaged his 2011 campaign.

By hitting off a tee.

“It’s way easier,” explained a noticeably unburdened Dunn. “You just go out there, set up the tee, put a ball on top, and go. The base of the tee is even shaped like home plate, which is a real convenience.”

Dunn practices his new technique at the White Sox spring-training home.

The left-handed slugger has some idea as to why his strikeout rates have been so high in past years. “It’s pitchers, mostly. What I’ve noticed is, is they’ll impart different spins to the ball or change speeds — that sort of thing. As a result, it’s hard to know where and when exactly to swing the bat.”

Dunn is optimistic that the batting tee will help considerably. “I think, with this new arrangement, you’re going to see my strikeout numbers drop a lot. I don’t want to put a precise number on it — that just creates expectations and pressure — but I’d be real surprised if I didn’t at least half my Ks this year.”

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Adam Dunn just doesn’t get enough credit for being the genius innovator that he is.