Report: MLB and FanGraphs to Announce Creation of Mike Trout Award


NEW YORK — Major League Baseball and FanGraphs, in an effort to have people shut up about Miguel Cabrera, Mike Trout, and the American League MVP Award for one goddamned second, have teamed up to announce the creation of a new award, the Mike Trout Award, a source from the commissioner’s office told NotGraphs on condition of anonymity. An official announcement is expected Friday afternoon.

The Mike Trout Award will be given annually to Mike Trout, for being the best player in baseball, and to a player in the National League who represents the essence of Mike Trout by leading the National League in Wins Above Replacement, as calculated by FanGraphs. It’s hoped that the Trout Award will mercifully end the debate between the Baseball Writers Association of America, fans, and sabermetricians everywhere — mostly on the Internet — over who are definitively baseball’s most valuable players every year. Because after two years, it’s fucking exhausting.

The Trout Award was to have been created for the 2014 season and beyond, but after Trout versus Cabrera Part II in the American League, MLB, and especially Commissioner Bud Selig, who acted “with a sense of urgency,” according to our source, pushed up the award’s timeline.

“Seriously, no one at MLB really cares who wins the MVP awards,” our source said via email. “We just mostly want not to receive angry phone calls and emails and even one weird — and pretty graphic — fax, which we suspect was sent by Mr. Brian Kenny. In any case, we believe the Trout Award is the perfect solution to stop the insanity.”

The winners of the Trout Award — Mike Trout and Andrew McCutchen — will be presented their awards on Monday in a ceremony at MLB headquarters in New York City.

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30 Responses to “Report: MLB and FanGraphs to Announce Creation of Mike Trout Award”

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  1. James says:

    This justifies NotGraphs. Thank you, Sir.

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    • BubbaBiscuit says:

      Let’s not go that far, nothing can justify NotGraphs. Plus, wouldn’t the moment that NotGraphs became relevant or justified be the end of NotGraphs and the beginning of SometimesButRarelyGraphs?

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  2. he fixes the cable? says:

    Shouldn’t this award really go to Tony Reagins, who drafted Trout after 22 other teams passed on the greatest player of his generation?

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  3. Seth Tearz says:

    Eddie Bane had more to do with the Trout pick than Reagins.

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  4. Man says:

    Finally, we can stop arguing over who’s gonna win MVP. Now we’re just waiting for radar to control the strike zone, and Mighty Casey robots to hit. Damn health care! We’re headin’ down the road to serfdom, and all our kids can do is smoke the pot and have premarital sex (probably the homosexual kind).

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  5. Juan B says:

    I didn’t know that NotGraphs suddenly became The Onion.

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  6. tz says:

    In a related story, Fangraphs is replacing the WAR statistic with WUT (Wins Under Trout). League leaders for 2013 are:

    NL – Andrew McCutchen (2.2 WUT)
    AL – Mike Trout (0.0 WUT)

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  7. Ben says:

    He should try to win the Miguel Cabrera award. Its called the AL MVP!

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    • cass says:

      Perhaps he could start jogging to first base and not running as hard after fly balls. Maybe demand to be moved back in the order. Or just demand to be traded to a contender.

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      • YVONNE says:

        That’s really what you’d like isn’t it…for Trout to be on whatever friggin team is your team, which obviously isn’t the Angels….your jealous your team doesn’t have him….there is only 1 team that wouldn’t give anything to have Trout on their team…and the Cardinals just might now that I think about it….SORRY…HE STAYS ON THE ANGELS!! If Hamilton, and Pujols pull their bats out of their butts, just imagine what a force with Trout they will be…..and all you Trout nay sayers are just flat jealous of this phenom and all the records and stats he’s going to break and set for years to come!!!

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  8. Dario Marquez says:

    Without Miguel in the tigers lineup, they still had a force with fielder, jackson, hunter, peralta, infante, not to mention a great pitching staff. All the angels had this year were trout and Wilson. Our season could have came out a lot worse without him. He was more valuable to us than cabrera was to the tigers.

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  9. Corey says:

    Coming in second place in the AL….Josh Donaldson!!!

    Good award.

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  10. TheGrandslamwich says:

    When I read the title I assumed this article would be about a time machine and a race to inseminate Mike Trout’s mother, but then would he really be Mike Trout?

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  12. Ground Rule Doubting Thomas says:

    The MVP Awards as selected by the BBWA began in 1931. In 1944 the AL MVP was won by Hal Newhouser. The AL MVP race was hotly contested as there was another pitcher on the Tigers that arguably more deserving. Newhouser held a 70% share of the vote while his rotation mate received a share of 69%. Although the runner up had a very narrow margin of defeat in the weighted voting system he drew 10 first place votes, three better than Hal Newhouser’s 7. That year, the winner of the MVP accrued a record of 29-9 with 187 strikeouts while his competition went 27-14 with 144 strikeouts. It would seem the W-L record coupled with the guadier strikeout total was the difference maker as the second place vote getter had a lower ERA and WHIP while throwing for 40 more innings.

    Hal Newhouser’s WAR in 1944 was 8.57.
    Dizzy Trout’s WAR in 1944 was 11.14.

    Dizzy Trout lead the league in WAR, posted an OPS of .745 to Newhouser’s .555 with each getting roughly the same number of AB making Trout the better all around player. Even without the edge Trout held with the bat he still lead the league in WAR on his pitching alone.

    So let us name this award after Paul Howard “Dizzy” Trout, the first Trout to become a runner up for the MVP to a Detroit Tiger with better shiny stats yet a considerably lower WAR.

    Miguel Cabrera has the Kenesaw Mountain Landis Award.
    Mike Trout truly deserves the Paul Howard Trout Award.

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  13. Papirruki says:

    Should this award be given to the weakest arm in the league?

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    • TBH says:

      I like this idea. We can call it the Damon Award, and the statue would be of a bronze fielder with a glove raised in his left hand and a sling on his right.

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