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Request-a-GIF: Eric Young Falls, Gets Back Up Mostly

It is, generally speaking, the policy of this website not to use the misfortunes of others as a means to the end of our own personal and/or collective glory — and it’s for that reason which, generally speaking, the request for such a GIF as follows (of Colorado Rockies utility gentleman Eric Young stumbling elaborately) would be summarily denied.

In this particular case, however, an exception has been made, on account of the suppliant in question (a certain Dave, in this case) has submitted his request from an email address at Loughborough University in Leicestershire, UK.

Is Dave an actual student, or faculty member, of Loughborough University? “Doesn’t matter,” is the only possible response. That he has made the effort to create a foreign — and therefore pleasantly mysterious — email account is both halves of this particular battle.

Now here, presented sans reservation, is Eric Young stumbling around first base in the fifth inning of the Rockies’ 5-4 victory over Pittsburgh on Monday (box).