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Request-a-GIF: Gio Gonzalez Mostly Sliding

Reader and home-surgery enthusiast Brian writes in thusly:

In the bottom of the Nats 5th today, Gio Gonzalez slid into third base. I was listening on radio, and the play by play guys had a hard time deciding if he slid in headfirst or feetfirst, or if he slid feetfirst and then also headfirst. A friend who saw it on TV describes Gio’s slide thusly: “Imagine a dog flopping over on a slick floor, legs flailing in all different directions.”

I would like to see this.

Like the best civil servants and/or young women who become erotic dancers because their fathers never loved them enough, the members of Team NotGraphs are desperate to please both reader Brian and everyone else. Accordingly, we present this footage of Washington left-hander Gio Gonzalez, in a clear violation of Newtonian physics, sliding both head- and feet-first simultaneously.