Request-a-GIF: Kevin Youkilis Enters Annals of History

Throughout the annals of history, it has been man’s ambition to capture, in GIF form, video footage of one man sliding both (a) awkwardly and (b) face-first into another man’s butt-part. It was to facilitate such a moment, in fact, that Abner Doubleday, Patrick Henry, and the entire writing team from Benson invented the game of baseball on a humid and musky and pungent and redolent and musky summer day in 1839.

Doubleday and the writers of Benson have died, of course, but I have it on good authority that Henry is not only alive, but flourishing, as an adult film star known as the Patriot Missile — and likely reading this post, too, his heart (metaphorically) filling (metaphorically) with joy (metaphorically).

Indeed, for reader MikeS has not only witnessed just such an episode as Henry and Co. envisioned, but has utilized the Team NotGraphs Hot Hotline to the end of alerting this site’s editoriat to same.

Here, then, for the benefit of America, is Kevin Youkilis sliding with his face into the butt-part of Toronto reliever Darren Oliver:

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“Annals,” I see what you did there.

Big Jgke
Big Jgke

Yeah, Oliver really gave him the stinkeye on that play.