Request-a-GIF Revisited: Eric Young Walks on Air

You might have already looked upon Carson’s fulfillment of reader Dave’s wish to watch Eric Young, Jr. slip-slidin’ around the bases into GIF-tacular eternity. That was fun wasn’t it?

Because Carson’s days consist of prettily sitting on his NotGraphs throne, waiting for his loyal subjects’ GIF-based pleadings at which to wave his magical GIF-making scepter, and because I work a real job, he got to Dave’s request before I did. (Actually, my real job was mostly cancelled yesterday due to a massive fire in the neighborhood that caused 4,400 buildings to be without power for 4-5 hours, during which span I went with a co-worker to see The Amazing Spiderman, which, turns out, is a totally unnecessary piece of cinema.)

But [I hope] it’s worth revisiting this EYJr incident. Here are some things to consider, presented in the style of my above-teased liege, Count Cistulli, whom I adore.

That Jumpy Guy, Who Might He Be
The reader/viewer might note, in the GIF below, that one of Eric Young Jr.’s teammates seems to be particularly happy about his style of breakdance baserunning, as said teammate is hopping up and down the entire time. The reader might know — and the author wants to know — who dis is?

On What Else Could Be Done With This Video Clip, In Terms of GIF-Making
There are other things that could be done with the video clip — in terms of GIF-making — for which reader Dave initially provided a link. A GIF artist of superior skill might make him breakdance in an alleyway, for instance.

Even More That Might Be Done With This Video Clip, In Terms of GIF-Making
A GIF might be made to prove, if ever a GIF may be proof, that Eric Young, Jr. can walk on air. Consider:

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8 Responses to “Request-a-GIF Revisited: Eric Young Walks on Air”

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  1. Resolution says:

    If the person hopping is wearing #22, then it is none other than Jordan ‘Empty the Clip’ Pacheco.

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  2. dk lover says:

    Nice, another opportunity to point how just how uncanny the resemblance in this stumble is to Donkey Kong’s sliding ground pound. It comes in at about :29 on this clip.

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  3. olethros says:

    You live in St. Louis? If so, that fire was at an apartment building for which my friend is the marketing manager.

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  4. hometown detective says:

    You live by Yankee Stadium? Sweet, sorry to hear about the fire. Pretty good photo on WSJ…

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  5. drtrix says:

    It looks like he is wearing jersey #15 (Jeremy Guthrie)

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    • Jimbo says:

      Nobody jump clapping his performance today, didn’t even make it a full three innings and gave up 6 runs, 4 earned. Ouch.

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  6. Herb Tarlek says:

    EY was just doing a tribute to the monkey fighter in the movie Bloodsport.

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