Results of Who Would Win Between a Tiger and Giant

Earlier today in these pages, we utilized the great American tradition of submitting your opinion electronically to the void (a.k.a. polling) as a means of determining with zero shadows of doubts who would win in various Mortal Kombat-style battles between various sorts of tigers and other, various sorts of giants — i.e. the mascots of the team competing in the World Series that’s about to begin.

The polls are closed and the shadows of doubt dissolved by the bright light of Mass Opinion. Regard the answers below, brothers and sister!

Tiger Mom vs. Giant Rabbit

Winner: Tiger


Bengal Tiger vs. The Cerne Abbas Giant

Winner: Tiger


Tigerlily by Natalie Merchant vs. Giant Disembodied Eye

Winner: Giant

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9 Responses to “Results of Who Would Win Between a Tiger and Giant”

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  1. I think the series would have gone differently if you threw Cerne Abbas Giant against Verlander.

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  2. grandbranyan says:

    I thought Cerne Abbas Giant was getting a tight zone all night, myself.

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  3. steex says:

    I feel [i]Tigerlily[/i] by La Roux would’ve preformed much better against the Giant Disembodied Eye.

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  4. Mrs. Cistulli says:

    Where’s the match up between my two favorite lovers ever? Andre the Giant vs Tiger Woods!

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  5. Anon says:

    Giant Disembodied Eye of the Tiger?

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  6. Smooth says:

    The Cerne Abbas Giant: official mascot of the 2012 World Series.

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  7. Choo says:

    I keep reading “Carne Asada,” which is delicious.

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