Ridiculously Photogenic Ballplayer

A certain Philip Humber entertained 27 gentlemen on Saturday afternoon, and dismissed them all. In honor of this feat of unblemished restraint, I’d like to reacquaint you all with the very first individual to have accomplished it: the very pioneer of perfection, Mr. John Lee Richmond of the Worcester Ruby Legs. There are at least three things worth noting about Mr. Richmond and his fabled 1880 exploit.

1. Mr. Richmond was still in college at the time.

2. Mr. Richmond had partied till dawn the previous night.

3. Despite a fairly undistinguished major league career, Mr. Richmond consistently led the league in handsome.

Mr. Richmond would apologize to Ridiculously Photogenic Guy for stealing his meme. But Mr. Richmond believes that perfection should not apologize.

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Sallie Mae Richmond
Sallie Mae Richmond
4 years 2 months ago

Why the radio silence? Only way I can figure: a whole bunch of dudes are sitting at home right now in an awed stupor, reevaluating their sexuality. And then frantically calculating the mathematical possibilities of time travel. (“Bull Pen Time Machine”?)