“Rob Works for His Father’s Construction Firm”


It is not irony, but rather some version of meaningful coincidence, that Rob Deer — who distinguished himself as a ballplayer for his commitment to the three true outcomes — that Deer’s options for offseason employment (at least ca. 1987) would so obviously have just one possible outcome.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

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  1. chrisb says:

    You’re assuming this was just an offseason gig?

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  2. jeff says:

    Construction is a good way to make a fortune. I sense you are looking down on the profession.

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  3. SCRAYS says:

    Don’t get it. What’s your point??

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    • AlexandertheMeh says:

      Point? POINT?!?! This is NOTGRAPHS, there is no point.

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    • jcxy says:

      I remember Carson saying something on a recent podcast about how the best poetry occurs when the reader’s mind makes, on it’s own, the natural connections contained in the poem’s verse. Unfortunately, my mind’s tumblers are completely unclicked here. No idea either…

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  4. FamousAmazingGuy says:

    “The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim.”

    -Sun Tzu – Art of War



    If my memory serves, I believe the Founding Fathers hunted with falcons as opposed to pistol irons.

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  5. RA Rowe says:

    How many conflicts it must have raised within the Deer household, that Deer the Elder owned a construction firm, and that Deer the Younger was himself a firm of destruction.

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  6. Jay Stevens says:

    Maybe it’s because Deer was a big white dude with facial hair.

    Anyway, I find it much more interesting that Deer and Pete Incaviglia both made their full-season debuts in the same year: 1986.

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  7. yaboynate says:

    Was his father named… John?

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