Rudy Pemberton Is Complex

It was with a measure of confidence that today, in the break room, you attested: “That Rudy Pemberton. He was just a ballplayer.”

About this — in addition to your callow belief in a better tomorrow — you were horribly wrong …

Sure, the image above shows Rudy Pemberton in professional action, but what of the disembodied spectral presence, the one whose soft, Olan Mills edges suggest a man of a poet’s dimension and discontent? He hovers about our assumptions like a reproving moon.

You owe Rudy Pemberton an apology.

(Image taken from a GeoCities page called

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  1. Rudy Pemberton once lit the month of September on fire with an astronomical .512 average over 41 AB’s as a Boston Redsox

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  2. nubillybaroo says:

    pangaro droppin knowledge

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