Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder: Baseball Friends!

Reader Adam (and also my former roommate Pete) have been so kind as to tip me off to this excellent cartoon featuring Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder spending a night together on the Miller Park grass beneath a beautiful Milwaukee night sky.

The relationship between Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder — two, at least on the surface, very different people — has always been a point of interest for me, the consummate Milwaukee Brewers fan. Prince, the gruff, brash slugger. Braun, the renaissance man bringing the bold flavors of the coast back to the midwest. The two seem hardly compatible, and yet they’ve formed one of the most productive (and just plain awesome) friendships in the major leagues.

And now, we finally get a glimpse inside this friendship:

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8 Responses to “Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder: Baseball Friends!”

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  1. AndyS says:

    This might be the greatest thing ever.

    Liar liar Michael Cuddyer!

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  2. Cody says:

    This needs to be a Saturday morning cartoon! I would have to watch it!

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  3. CSJ says:

    I laughed until I cried. My goodness.

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  4. Bronnt says:

    That’s pretty good.

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  5. Jose says:

    They are high right? Or just really really happy?

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  6. ElJosharino says:

    There are a couple more of these with Ryan Howard/Chase Utley and David Wright/Jose Reyes. All hilarious. I think one of my favorite moments is in the Wright/Reyes one where David Wright’s ringtone (at least when Reyes calls him) is Paparazzi by Gaga.

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  7. Greg W says:

    Somehow Pujols/Holliday/Berkman seems like a possibility here.

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  8. A genuinely exciting examine, I may possibly not concur entirely, but you do make some really legitimate points.

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