Scooter Gennett Will Ollie Around Your Tag


Scooter Gennett, a young man of 23, found himself in a bad situation. When one finds himself between a proverbial rock and hard place, one tends to rely in his instincts. In the above case, Gennett’s instincts told him to throw down a sick skateboarding move. Had he an actual deck under his feet, there is no doubt in the current author’s mind that Gennett would have kick-flipped the shit out of Carlos Corporan’s face.

Alas, Gennett was boardless, causing him to not only get tagged out, but to cost his team a possible run in a the tightest of games.

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8 Responses to “Scooter Gennett Will Ollie Around Your Tag”

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  1. Birdlander says:

    How else was he supposed to get over the bat which was conveniently left in his way?

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  2. GoldenFrank says:

    Tough to blame Gennett here. This is the contact play. One of RRR’s favorite tools.

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  3. Bryz says:

    I swear I heard the sound of a skateboard ollie while watching this GIF.

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    • Jonathan says:

      Nah, that was a Scooter. They sound slightly different. I know. My son has a scooter.

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  4. Oh, Beepy says:

    Why does the umpire hit himself in the chest twice before calling Scooter out?

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    • Darryl says:

      He is saying that Gennett got tagged in the chest.

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      • josh says:

        no. he’s clearly calling dominance in the ballpark and declaring himself as the one who has the right answer for this predicament. “Me. It’s me. I am the one who is ordained for this. The runner shall be called out.”

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