Seattle Mariners Offseason Summary

Below is a (perhaps depressing) summary of the Seattle Mariners’ offseason wherein I have made extensive use of the “Mariners Rumors” page at MLB Trade Rumors. Please note: I love you, Mariners Fans; I feel your pain, if you are, in fact feeling pain regarding this offseason. Something similar could be done about my Milwaukee Brewers, but the Brewers haven’t been linked to anywhere near the number of blockbuster moves (or any kind of moves) that the M’s have. And so…

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I stole this punchline from a classic FJM post.

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I don’t know. All of these near-misses on bad players, bad deals and bad trades has been exciting. Like in that movie Armageddon, when Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck are dodging smaller asteroids to get to that one, big Michael Bourn asteroid.


What happens when the Michael Bourn asteroid flies right by them?

My echo and bunnymen

What happens when I walk out of the theater because that movie sucked so bad?