Secret to Foul Balls? Smooth, Delicious Winstons

While Gentleman Zack Hample is the acknowledged expert on retrieving foul balls, tonight’s Daguerreotype of the Evening reveals the true secret to finding one’s way to a valueless cowhide souvenir. Regard …

If you are the paterfamilias, becapped in blue and pictured above, then you may have taken your son to the tobacconist, introduced him, and said that he too will one day be a Winston Man. You know as well as anyone that Smooth, Delicious Winstons are the elixir for maladies ranging from the blues to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever to catarrh to the sexless existence. Nothing will conduct you up the ladder to a better life quite like Winstons on your lips and at the ready in the breast pocket of your camelhair blazer. The steely snap of a Zippo means that Gentlemen are about to do Business.

Men do lots of things. Gentlemen smoke Winstons.

If you are the fresh-faced lad pictured above, then you smoke Winstons because good things happen to those who smoke Smooth, Delicious Winstons. Good things like … a foul-hit base ball!

Boys do lots of things. Young Men — Young Men who get invited to the cotillion — smoke Winstons.

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8 Responses to “Secret to Foul Balls? Smooth, Delicious Winstons”

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  1. Brad Johnson says:

    Winning Taste? Or simply Winning? Ask Charlie.

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  2. Todd says:

    Brought to you by Geritol and now back to 21

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  3. Resolution says:

    That kid in yellow is probably a young Jim Leyland.

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