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Select Comments from an Illicit Caribbean Series Video Feed

Posted By Carson Cistulli On February 7, 2013 @ 11:00 pm In Audio and/or Visual | 8 Comments

Piracy in action!

The author, who knows zero percent of Spanish, is currently watching an illegal video stream of the Caribbean Series — the other occupants of which video stream are conversing in a chat area exclusively by means of the Spanish language.

In this post, I will use Google Translate to understand poorly what they are saying!

User: koricoman
Comment: “Vamos Mexicooo!!! saludos desde peñasco, son. y nos vemos en phoenix en el clásico 2013.”
Translation: “Let Mexicooo! greetings from rock, are. and see you in Phoenix in 2013 classic.”
Note: “Let Mexicooo, indeed!” one is compelled to say for reasons that aren’t entirely clear.

User: victore50
Comment: “saludos pa mi compra trizon que anda al 100 viendo el juego.”
Translation: “Greetings my purchase trizon pa who walks watching the game at 100.”
Note: This, I have been led to believe, is a common salutation in the Sonora region of Mexico.

User: suenin
Comment: “Falta mucho juego aun. A. Los mexicanos que ni celebren hahahaaaa.”
Translation: “Lack much game yet. A. Mexicans celebrate or hahahaaaa.”
Note: This is very clearly a direct quote from Gertrude Stein’s classic text Tender Buttons.

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