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Select Comments from an Illicit Caribbean Series Video Feed

Piracy in action!

The author, who knows zero percent of Spanish, is currently watching an illegal video stream of the Caribbean Series — the other occupants of which video stream are conversing in a chat area exclusively by means of the Spanish language.

In this post, I will use Google Translate to understand poorly what they are saying!

User: koricoman
Comment: “Vamos Mexicooo!!! saludos desde peñasco, son. y nos vemos en phoenix en el clásico 2013.”
Translation: “Let Mexicooo! greetings from rock, are. and see you in Phoenix in 2013 classic.”
Note: “Let Mexicooo, indeed!” one is compelled to say for reasons that aren’t entirely clear.

User: victore50
Comment: “saludos pa mi compra trizon que anda al 100 viendo el juego.”
Translation: “Greetings my purchase trizon pa who walks watching the game at 100.”
Note: This, I have been led to believe, is a common salutation in the Sonora region of Mexico.

User: suenin
Comment: “Falta mucho juego aun. A. Los mexicanos que ni celebren hahahaaaa.”
Translation: “Lack much game yet. A. Mexicans celebrate or hahahaaaa.”
Note: This is very clearly a direct quote from Gertrude Stein’s classic text Tender Buttons.