Selected Comments on Sergio Romo’s Bobblehead

The original fearsome facial hair.

Yup, Sergio Romo will get a bobblehead this year.

The facebook page that announced the event got 200-plus comments. The following sampling represents the entirety of those comments. Even Romo himself agreed.

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8 Responses to “Selected Comments on Sergio Romo’s Bobblehead”

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  1. Steve the Pirate says:

    The real WTF here is Owen Matthews’ avatar choice. What self-respecting man represents oneself with a Jigglypuff?

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  2. Dave S says:

    The real WTF is that you guys know what a jigglypuff (?) is!

    (or, perhaps paradoxically, that I do not)

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  3. Dave S says:

    oh… BTW… awesome bobblehead! I like that it is melanocytically enhanced.

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  4. Craig Biggio says:

    Perhaps a Sergio Romo bobblehead with a joint in one hand and a baseball in the other. Also, he could be wearing a crazy tie-dye V-neck shirt, a red bandana, some tan chino shorts, and some dark brown sandals.

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  5. Peter R says:

    Why have a stand for that thing if he is only barely going to stand on it? Come on now.

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