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Selected Reviews of “Changing the Game”

Here’s the cover of Jaci Burton’s Changing the Game:

And here I am, moved to make a noun out of “gorgeous-dangerous.” This books is a gorgeous-dangerous that I wouldn’t mind reading while safely positioned over my parlor fainting couch. Consider these pearls clutched. Consider this bodice ripped. Now consider these selected Amazon reviews of Burton’s gorgeous-dangerous:

– “Like how can you start falling in love with someone when all you do is bang them.” – eestev

– “The sex scenes were incredible and boy of boy, do those Riley boys have stamina…” – Kindle Lover

– “The sex parts were my favorite. I had a very hard time putting this book down. I can’t wait for the next book. I hope it is released soon.” – kitten123

– “One of the best I’ve read this year, and yes, a cold shower is definitely needed after this one.” – Jolie Weber

– “This one will leave you wanting a cold shower!” – Donna

– “Don’t forget to prepare the fan, ladies, because just like the first one this book is going to make you sweat, trust me ;)” – Alaiel Kreuz

– “I felt reading this book came straight out of a porn movie and she just wrote it in words.” – Roo

– “Sex. Sex, sex, sex. Sex.” – Kelly S.

– “I was bored by all the sex – which must be the biggest crime for an author of erotic romance.” – NStort

– “Boundless humping. Shorn, sinewy torsos. Loin-moistener of the week. 8.4 WAD (Wins Above Dirty). Baseball.” – D_CameronY2K

Review copy along with gold bridal hand fan hereby requested!