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Sergio Santos Party House

Are you wondering what Toronto Blue Jays right-hander Sergio Santos is doing whilst on the Disabled List?

Well, the NotGraphs infamous and dowdy Investigative Reporting Investigation Team has been hot on the trail of the erstwhile closer, and has discovered that Santos is the namesake of the Andrew WK-owned Santos Party House club/venue/lounge in lower Manhattan. During his recovery, Santos been hobnobbing with AWK at various of the club’s events:

“We are your mother-father, we are your final friend…”

and has even lent his visage for use on the Santos Party House webpage:

Click to embiggen.

There’s bound to be controversy that Santos is joining forces with a supporter of the Blue Jays’ AL East rivals Yankees, but Santos, like WK, is getting used to controversy and taking it in stride. “Look, if you awesome, you awesome. Andy’s awesome. I’m awesome. Santos Party Room [is awesome]. Whether you’re from New York, California, Canadia, Michoacán, whatever — you can party, and when you party at Santos Party House, nothing else matters. Everything falls away except fun and booze and blood — right Andy?”

Surprisingly, Blue Jays personnel have spoken in support of Santos’s mingling with WK. “Despite what it may look like on the surface, Andy’s been a positive influence on Sergio,” said Jays manager John Farrell. “I’ve never seen his confidence so high. I’ve never seen him so loose. And his recovery is progressing as expected, so what can I say if he wants to abscond with a rock star and party a little hard. That’s what the DL is for, right?” Farrell added with a wink.

Santos is nearing a minor league rehab assignment. Oh, and he’s also training to be the next Karate Kid:

Show me Santos The Floor!