Seven Awesome Things About Nyjer Morgan’s Klout

Oftentimes, I get distracted while I write things. This may not surprise some people. Recently one of my distractions has been Klout, a social networking service that basically tells you how awesome you are on the internet. It bases your internet clout (or “Klout,” as they call it) on mentions, retweets, and things like that from your Twitter (or Facebook) accounts. Mine is 57, whatever that means. They also tell you things you influence and give you a “type” of internet personality. For example, I’m a “specialist” who influences, “baseball,” “milwaukee brewers” and “boston red sox” (what?).

Luckily for us, Nyjer Morgan has a Twitter account. And therefore, he also has a Klout page. And it is fantastic.

Click to embiggen.

Without further ado, the seven awesome things about this page, as numbered:

1. Nyjer Morgan acknowledges hisalter ego, Tony Plush

2. Nyjer throws up the T


4. Nyjer Morgan is an influencer on the topic of “hunting.” Huh?

5. Nyjer Morgan is an influence on the topic of “rome.” What the H?

6. When Nyjer Morgan speaks, people listen. Damn right. I wonder if Stephen Colbert knows T-Plush is also a pundit.

7. Mo Vaughn Rick Ross is on Nyjer Morgan’s “Klout board.”

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7. [Mo Vaughn] Rick Ross is on Nyjer Morgan’s “Klout board.”

When the internet collapses in upon itself, we will be able to trace to origins of the event back to point #7.

How we will trace the origins however is beyond me as the internet has collapsed in upon itself – and since when is there any other way to do anything without aid of the internet?