Seven Degrees of Mark Ellis

Hard for me to believe Mark Ellis is only 36.

Mark Ellis played with Randy Velarde on the 2002 A’s.
Randy Velarde played with Joe Niekro on the 1987 Yankees.
Joe Niekro played with Ernie Banks on the 1967 Cubs.
Ernie Banks played with Hank Sauer on the 1953 Cubs
Hank Sauer played with Ernie Lombardi on the 1941 Reds
Ernie Lombardi played with Jack Quinn on the 1931 Brooklyn Robins
Jack Quinn played with Jack Chesbro on the 1909 New York Highlanders
Jack Chesbro debuted on the 1899 Pirates.

Yes, I realize you can do that with every player.

But Mark Ellis still seems really old to me.

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2 Responses to “Seven Degrees of Mark Ellis”

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  1. Reddickulous says:

    Mark Ellis for Lifetime Achievement Gold Glove Award!

    If our demands are not met, or if in fact there is no such award, I will hold Mark Grudzielanek hostage until such time justice is served.

    FACT: There is a billboard in South Dakota proclaiming the fact that Mark Ellis is a Major League ballplayer, and is from the state of South Dakota.

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  2. Canuck says:

    Jose Bautista (at 33) still seems youngish to me. But one of his chains goes Bautista/Fred McGriff/Phil Niekro/Warren Spahn/Paul Waner/Max Carey/Honus Wagner/Dummy Hoy. Taken in another direction (via B.J. Surhoff) you get to Luis Aparicio in just three moves (via Cecil Cooper). Time is for wasting.

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