Since the Pirates Were Last in the Playoffs


  • New York State, under the governance of Martin Van Buren, passed the Bank Safety Fund Law. This would later be recognized as a precursor to what we now know as deposit insurance.
  • The Engrian region ruled by the Germanic Saxons endured their second defeat under Charlemagne.
  • Benjamin Franklin, then deputy postmaster in the colonies, published The Gulf Stream Chart after becoming interested in the disparities in travel time between mail ships traveling to different destinations.
  • The Saginaw Bay was populated by the Sauk tribe, having been forced from their territory along the St. Lawrence River by the Iroquois.
  • Dante Alighieri, having already completed his Divine Comedy, wrote Monarchia, a call to establish a global monarchy underpinned by the Roman Catholic Church, which he saw as a path to everlasting peace.
  • Rudolph I of Germany moved his family to Austria, greatly diminishing the importance of Hapsburg Castle as a dynastical focal point.
  • The Zuniceratops, after nearly 10 million years of existence, evolved into what we commonly know now as the Triceratops.
  • Jazz pianist Jelly Roll Morton returned to Chicago to perform his recently-published rag The Wolverines around various bars and night clubs.
  • The Zhengtong Emperor, after being held prisoner for four years by the Oriat Mongols, was released, as the Ming never paid a ransom since the Emperor’s brother took over the throne under the name Jingtai.
  • After rapid expansion and cooling ended, a large concentration of quark-gluon plasma was subject to baryogenesis, causing a small excess of quarks and leptons. This lead to a higher concentration of matter over antimatter that is still seen at present.

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4 Responses to “Since the Pirates Were Last in the Playoffs”

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  1. tz says:

    When the Pirates were last in the playoffs, Bryce Harper was a fetus.

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  2. Pirates Hurdles says:

    Haha, hilarious, now do one for how long since the royals were in the playoffs, hint its a longer time span.

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  3. Billy says:

    When the Pirates were last in the playoffs, Jim Leyland was merely middle-aged.

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