Small Sample Size.

It’s not too early to be concerned about Red Sox pitching.[1] It’s not too early to analyze these Cubs. [2] It’s not too early to be impressed by the resilient Rays. [3] When it’s the Yankees, is it ever too early to panic? [4] Is it possible for a ballclub to establish an identity only two games into a 162-game season? [5] Two games amount to the smallest of samples, but there may be reasons why Tigers center fielder Austin Jackson is off to a fast start and Red Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis is not. [6] Two games. Two tepid performances for seven innings that leave everyone scratching their heads and wondering how in the world this team is ever going to score enough runs to win. And then two stirring rallies that completely alter everyone’s opinions and make them believe anything may be possible with this team. [7] [W]hen so many blown saves occur in a short time, it’s impossible to ignore. [8] The general consensus among Marlins players was that Wednesday night’s four-hit performance in the opener at Marlins Park was just one game, and not the precursor to a trend for the Marlins, who had a relatively light-hitting spring. [9] Orioles Baseball: Is it too early to buy World Series tickets? [10]

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  1. tbad says:

    This is awesome

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  2. buddy says:

    I only read one of the linked articles, but it’s safe to say this post is the best ever.

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