Solve This Math Equation

These numbers appear on our website in different places, and the equation makes sense, if not math sense. Do you know what this means?

10.7 (24.7 + 23.4) = 4:19

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  1. bdunn20 says:

    4:19 is the Boston/Tampa Bay game time from last night. I’m assuming the 24.7 & 23.4 are time b/t pitches (pace) for each team.

    No idea what 10.7 is though.

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  2. sgardnerUSAT says:

    Pitches per inning for both teams?

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  3. Mookie says:

    Why are we multiplying the paces together, anyway?

    Ow, my brain.

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  4. Dwayne Carter says:

    24-seven, smoke it if you got it, cuz if it ain’t 4:20 yet, it’s close enough.

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