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Some Choice Items From MLB.com’s Clearance Rack

Due to the shockingly low wages here at FanGraphs [Editor’s Note: Jackie is as disgruntled an employee as you’ll find. Don’t believe him!], I often find myself shopping on clearance racks. Every once in a while, my consumer’s eye directs me towards the clearance section on MLB.com, and rarely am I disappointed. Sometimes, it’s just impossible to imagine how these items don’t immediately sell out, but here are four items which have somehow found their way onto the virtual clearance rack.

1. Aminco Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 2010 All-Star Game Disney Pin Set

Disney and the MLB know that cross-branding rules! After all, if you’re a big fan of both Mickey Mouse AND the 2010 All-Star Game, how could you resist dropping 40 dollars on this limited edition set? Well, now that the MLB store generously dropped $8.02 off the price, I’m sure it’ll sell like hotcakes.

2. Mascotopia Oakland Athletics Mascot Puzzle

I get that this for really young children, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nine piece jigsaw puzzle before. Almost the entire mascot is on the center piece! I would think that if a child has sufficient motor skills to even put a puzzle together, they would be able to finish this is roughly two seconds. Obviously, then, at the previous price – $14.99, or $1.67 per piece – this product was a total rip off. However, at $1.11 per piece, it’s a steal!

3. New York Mets Men’s Reactive Robe by Concepts Sport

What better way to show off your fandom than with a bathrobe? Wear it in the bathroom, in the hallway, and in the bedroom! Amaze your roommates, significant others, and/or kids! Now $20.02 cheaper, it can be yours for only $49.97!

4. Fantasia Philadelphia Phillies Tool Bag

Although it’s understandable, the name of this product shouldn’t be confused with that of many Phillies fans. For said fans, this could be a very useful gameday item. It’s the perfect carrier for blunt objects that can be thrown at outfielders from the bleacher seats!

Between these four and other items, I’ll be shocked if people can’t make full use of MLB.com’s current offer: take $10.00 off any clearance order of $50.00 or more. With such high quality and practical items on sale, products will be flying off the shelves.