Some Common Phrases, GIF-ustrated: “Fist-Pump”

I’ll be taking time in the next few weeks to illustrate, via advanced and computerized “GIF” files — i.e. I will be taking the time to GIF-ustrate — some common baseballing phrases. I will then inject these advanced and computerized files into this website using an internet so you can view them using another similar-but-entirely-different internet. Enjoy my files but stay off my internet!

First installment:


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3 Responses to “Some Common Phrases, GIF-ustrated: “Fist-Pump””

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  1. MustBunique says:

    I couldn’t download all that GIF off your internets at one time, so I had to use one of my strikes to do it via torrents on my internet. Well worth it.

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  2. efjw says:

    I wonder if it is worthwhile to illustrate the differences between the downward fist pump (think tiger woods/hockey players) and the one shown above?

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  3. Shrewd Cat says:

    For a second I thought he was fist pumped so hard he almost fell down into the dugout.

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