Some Common Phrases GIF-ustrated: Hustle

This common phrase, which has been GIF-ustrated, comes via Astros rookie shortstop Jonathan Villar, who has now stolen six bases in his first eight games.


(Deep, personal fact: This may have caused me to shout certain expletives while watching my beloved Astros on TV)

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5 Responses to “Some Common Phrases GIF-ustrated: Hustle”

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  1. Hank says:

    wow is that a horribly timed camera angle change.

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  2. Bronnt says:

    Not many times the Astros can have had, non sarcastically, the most exciting play of the night.

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  3. SAM says:

    How does a man such as Villar become such an
    Unexpected hero when confronted by the
    Shady shenanigans of the Orioles who
    Taunted him by leaving out a
    Left-handed pitcher instead of an
    Established right-handed pickoff pitcher

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  4. Nathan Shields says:

    I think attempts to steal a base is one of the most exciting things in baseball, especially when you listen to the radio and can’t see the play unfolding. But this makes all other SB attempts shine a little less bright because of its sheer awesomeness.

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  5. Leighton says:

    More camera angles:

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