Some Jaws, Ranked


1)      The screen reading software, allowing blind people to use computers — That JAWS seems pretty important. Bonus: people can use this JAWS to learn about the next JaWS.


2)      Jaffe WAR Score — Developed by mustachioed dynamo Jay Jaffe for Baseball Prospectus, and currently featured in his work on Sports Illustrated, this JaWS helps us sort through worthy and unworthy Hall of Fame candidates.

jaws of life

3) of Life — These Jaws often rescue people in trapped in situations from which no ordinary human could save them. You would think this would rank higher. But no.


4)      The movie — The first real summer blockbuster. Still holds up incredibly well as a classic. Without it, we wouldn’t have Sharknado.

Also Jaws

5)      Richard Kiel — Murderous James Bond antagonist who only needed to love and be loved in return to find peace. In pretty much all the worst Bond movies.

This has been some Jaws ranked.

P.S.  Keep reaching for the stars, Jay. You’ll get to #1 yet!

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