Some Useless Snack-Like Facts While We Wait

Things of substance are happening in Major League Baseball! Things like Prince Fielder and Ian Kinsler getting swapped. Things like A-Rod storming out of his arbitration hearing. Things like Chris Carpenter retiring. Who even KNOWS what kinds of substantial things will happen next?! Zowie! It’s the offseason! A time for sitting around waiting for things to happen! The American Dream!

BUMMER ALERT, THOUGH: One bummer about all the offseason substance is that we have to wait for it. We hate waiting! Take meals for example: We LOVE meals. Meals involve eating, and Americans are nothing if not prolific food-to-poop converters. If only we could have meals ALL THE TIME. Too bad our stupid bodies won’t let us consume 2300 calorie meals every five to seven minutes. Instead we’re stuck waiting for our lame-o corporeal vessels to “metabolize” that steak we had for breakfast. Luckily snacks exist! Snacks are the best. They let us use our mouths and tastebuds for 100% of the day. Check out this bitchin’ pie chart that I screen-captured from a freely available online slideshow on the state of the snacking industry:


What this pie chart shows is that we want something in our mouths at absolutely every possible moment we can have something therein. Showering? Have a Twix. Driving to da club? Have a bag of Doritos. Filing your taxes? Engorge thyself with some cracklin’ pork rinds. About to copulate with a comely dame? Engage in some Swiss Cake Roll foreplay.

Thus far this post has been a lengthy digression into snacks and snack-action fantasies. I’m happy with that, because my creative standards are wildly nonexistent. All I wanted from the snack digression was to draw a parallel between our need to snack all the time and our need to fill the space between substantial offseason events. Snacks : Meals :: NotGraphs : Real Baseball News and Analysis. So in the spirit of empty calories, I carefully-ish researched a bunch of useless stuff that may be almost true and doesn’t have any practical real-world application. Whereas some facts are nice things to know and can be brought up at appropriate times to shed light on a given topic of discussion, these facts are far removed from being memorable or relevant. They are the gas station snack aisle of facts. They are below, spatially:

Number of Helium Balloons Required to Lift Prince Fielder off the Ground
8800 Normal-Size Balloons

Number of Albatrosses That Would Equal the Mass of Prince Fielder
13.75 Wandering Albatrosses

Height of Mt. Everest in Pitcher’s Mounds
34,834 mounds, plus one stumpy 8-inch mound.

Number of Mt. Everests That Could Fit Vertically into Eddie Gaedel

Number of Standing Humans That Could Fit Comfortably-ish into Fenway Park’s Outfield 
7990 humans

Number of Human Male Balls That Would Fit Into One Baseball
11.68 human male balls

Hexadecimal Color Code for Terry Collins’ Face in This Picture
terry collins

Number of Times the Word “Baseball” Appears in the Screenplay For Moneyball

Length of the 124 Ulnar Collateral Ligaments Removed From 2013 Starting Pitchers at Any Time Prior to the Season
2.19 feet

Weight of all Major League Umpires’ Eyeballs
3.5 lbs

wRC+ of an Almond Joy Placed on a Stool for 600 PA with an  Average Umpire’s Strikezone
-119 (.010 wOBA)

Approximate UZR of Spiderman Playing in Centerfield

Possible Defensive Alignment with Nobody On if Baseball Was Played with a Jellybean and Not a Baseball


Distance from Carson Cistulli to Cooperstown, NY in Smoots
3,391,178.51 smoots

Number of Times Managing Editor Dave Cameron Would Have Blinked if He Had Been Continuously Interviewed on Clubhouse Confidential Since the Beginning of the Universe
108,948,240,000,000,000 blinks

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Zach is an egregious malcontent whose life goal is to literally become the London Tube. @itszachreynolds.

16 Responses to “Some Useless Snack-Like Facts While We Wait”

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  1. The Return of Rambo Diaz says:

    That pie chart made me want pie, so that’s what I’m going to go find now, and I think you’re off by about 948,240,000,000,000 on the Cameron Blink Count (R).

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  2. Harper Hill says:

    I think Collins’ face is a bit closer to #A55123, but it could be the lighting.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

    • Zach Reynolds says:

      Interesting. I was waffling between #DB7018 and #B25E2F, but yeah, lighting plays a big role in Terry Collins’ complexion regardless.

      Vote -1 Vote +1

  3. Guy says:

    I want more facts

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  4. Ben2074x says:

    Why was it the spiderman UZR is what got me laughing?

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  5. filihok says:

    I think I could hit a jelly bean over the pitchers mound

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  6. Paul says:

    OMG this was awesome, had to stifle my laugh as to not disturb the whole office.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  7. dfives says:

    Is laughter forbidden where you work?

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  8. Edinson Volquez says:

    Damnit. I walked the jellybean.

    (hence it’s non-zero wOBA)

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  9. Greg says:

    I am quite sure that Dombrowski could only fit 0.30136 of his human male balls into one standard American baseball.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  10. saskatunes says:

    I really loved Swiss Cake Roll Foreplay’s debut album. A classic.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  11. MSpitz says:

    This past year a few friends and I took a trip to Boston to see a Red Sox-Yankees game. We were walking across the Harvard bridge, saw these numbers on the ground, and had absolutely NO CLUE what they were. I had forgotten about this mystery until I clicked the link for “smoot” (having no clue what it was)…….mystery solved. What would I do without NotGraphs???

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