Songs Not Inspired by George Brett

Young fans hold up baseballs for Royals star George Brett to sign.

A story that broke today was, like so many stories during the early off-season, about a young songstress from New Zealand and George Brett. As it happens, the title of the very popular Lorde song Royals was inspired by a picture of none other than the Hall-of-Famer for Kansas City. This is, indeed, crack reporting. What isn’t crack reporting is creating a list of songs that were certainly NOT inspired by George Brett. That is what I have done.

While this lack of scruples would certainly raise the ire of my editor — were he to care — or shade me in an unflattering hue in the eyes of the readership — were this site to have one — I can report at least one fact about this list. I totally know the trombone player on the Bon Iver song. Dialing it back a little, I am still 99% certain that none of these songs were inspired by George Brett. If you have reason to believe otherwise, keep it to yourself. Or, deposit your two cents in the comments. I cannot stress the appeal of you exercising the former, however.

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Stu from the RandBall blog at
Stu from the RandBall blog at

RE: You Oughta Know. If you’re saying George Brett is not Dave Coulier, you’re going to have to account for those two men NEVER being seen in the same place at the same time. The FACT that you cannot, and indeed will not, speaks volumes. CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION.