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Special Event: Perry, Cistulli to Ravage Milwaukee’s Loins

Dayn Perry and Carson Cistulli — NotGraphs heartthrobs, both — have done me and the entire city of Milwaukee a favor by agreeing to “read” their “work” tomorrow, Saturday the 20th of July, at Woodland Pattern Book Center (known as the poetry bookstore of the Midwest, just as Perry and Cistulli are known as the poets of the online baseball community).

A 6pm start helps to maximize the leisure time both preceding and following the reading, without which neither of these men would be fit to give their public what it wants, i.e. a hearty and thorough loin-ravaging.

Perry’s chapbook, Drinking With Boileryard Clarke, will be available for purchase for $10. Half of each purchase will be donated to Woodland Pattern, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization; the other half will go toward enabling Mr. Perry.

If you’re within traveling distance of Milwaukee, please join us for what promises to be an event.

If you are Eno Sarris and are planning to attend, be sure to wear a protective dong covering.

Questions, regrets, and excitements can be directed to @RobertJBaumann on Twitter.