Spotted: Comic Sans Font on Major-League Lineup Card

Dbacks Lineup

It is often said — not by the present author, it should be noted, but surely by an elderly writer somewhere with an impressive baritone voice — that baseball is a “child’s game played by grown men,” or something to that effect.

The merits of the sentiment are debatable, of course: leisure oughtn’t necessarily be the provenance of children alone, nor is it right necessarily to suggest that professional baseball is populated exclusively by entirely mature adults.

The finer points of the debate aside, it has become clear in the last hour that certain personnel within the Arizona Diamondbacks organization are committed to celebrating semi-publicly the connection between the innocence of youth and our honored game, which point the club has made implicitly by producing the lineup card pictured above, completed entirely in Comic Sans — i.e The Official Typeface of the Innocence of Youth.

Credit to the gentlemen rock stars of Productive Outs for bringing this image to the author’s attention.

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  1. Del B. Vista says:

    Breaking news: Dan Gilbert in Arizona Diamondbacks takeover bid

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    • Stan Gable says:

      Congratulations! If there was a ‘Least Surprising Reply’ award for this story, you won it going away my man.

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  2. ngrimson says:

    More surprising is that it isn’t printed on sandpaper.

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  3. AC of DC says:

    Also color-coded to denote players’ handedness. The adorability abounds. (Or is that a thing now? I admit to not keeping up on lineup card trends.)

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  4. hamjenkinsIII says:

    That’s sooo Gibby

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  5. DD says:

    My question is – what would be the proper typeface for #Grit?

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