Spotted: Karim Garcia Homering Importantly


In yesterday’s latest-night edition of Spotted, we found — for reasons that weren’t entirely clear at the time — found Zack Segovia of Puerto Rican club Caguas intentionally walking former major-leaguer Karim Garcia, currently of Mexican club Yaquis de Obregón.

In tonight’s edition, we find a another grainy daguerreotype — in this case, not of Garcia being walked intentionally, but hitting a tie-breaking jonron in the top of the 14th inning of tonight’s/this morning’s Caribbean Series title game in Hermosillo.

“I, in fact, am Karim Garcia,” the Obregon DH appears to be suggesting, arms raised and rounding first base.

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  1. Karim Garcia says:

    I did a super good job, etc.

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  2. Pedro Martinez says:


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  3. Luis Matos says:

    Is this really more improbable than Lew Ford disappearing from affiliated baseball for 5 years, and resurfacing in 2012 to hit important pennant-race HRs off of CC Sabathia and Chris Sale?

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  4. Mr. Smooth says:

    You can’t script February.

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  5. Com’on, Car-dawg. I keep saying, but no one’s hearing it: 140 wRC+ in Mexico this year. Plus the guy averaged 22 HR per 500 PA in his MLB time.

    The Caribbean, it is now clear, is his playground.

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  6. Eminor3rd says:

    Karim Garcia is the best f***ing player of all-time.

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  7. Toasty says:

    written in the stars…

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  8. Todd says:

    Zack Segovia…

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