Spotted: Ken Griffey Jr.’s Van

In Athens, Georgia, obviously, by a man — a professional — known to the FanGraphs community as “Fattinton_Bear,” one of our many award-winning correspondents in the field.

Now, immediately, I know what you’re thinking: That can’t be Ken Griffey Jr.’s van. But, look, here’s my point, and please, hear me out: It probably is.

Either that’s Ken Griffey Jr.’s van, or there’s another Ken Griffey Jr. out there. And, frankly, I’d never given any thought as to whether that’s actually possible; that another Ken Griffey Jr., another Kid, exists. Until now.

Join me in thinking about it: How strange would it be to go through life as the other Ken Griffey Jr.?

Obviously, we had to get to the bottom of this. And when Ken Griffey Jr. was reached for comment about the van, via text message, he replied, almost immediately:

When the Griffey Jr.’s van’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’ =P

We, the NotGraphs Investigative Reporting Investigation Team, responded:


Told you it was his van.

Thanks for the hot tip, Fattinton_Bear.

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6 Responses to “Spotted: Ken Griffey Jr.’s Van”

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  1. matthew says:

    I can actually confirm that I saw this van leaving Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City years ago when he played for Seattle. As a young boy, I chased it for a long time waving a baseball at the tinted drivers window to no avail.

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  2. MustBunique says:

    He’s Joel Rifkin. The other one. Not the serial killer.

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  3. JimLahey says:


    Sad thing about me… I’ve been such a big fan of him throughout my life that I immediately thought “why cant i text kgjr?”… some things in life just aren’t fair.

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  4. Damaso's Burnt Shirt says:

    Not shown… the side view.

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