Spotted: Lenny Dykstra in Louis CK YouTube Video

The reader might be inclined to argue with the premise of this post — namely, that the gentleman pictured above (from this compilation of Louis CK clips of the early 90s) is Lenny Dykstra. Before doing so, however, he (the reader) would be well advised to consider that the consequences for being wrong in this matter are almost non-extant, while the spasm of joy produced by believing that said individual is Lenny Dykstra is pretty decent so far as joy spasms go (although decidedly less substantial than other joy spasms, which will go unnamed and nameless).

Furthermore, we must consider the ancillary value present here: that the gentleman pictured — even if he be a Pseudo Dykstra — has created a pretense for the rendering of the phrase joy spasm into electronic print. As if this weren’t already the best of all possible worlds!

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

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  1. Expert Analyst says:

    Your philosophy is sound.

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  2. Jon L. says:

    Yeah, it sure looks like Lenny… but if it was really him, would he really just be smiling like that? Shouldn’t he be out defrauding someone, lying, maybe stealing something – like a base, or a car?

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  3. Choo says:

    It was in my laboratory whence I fused together vital strands of DNA from Lenny Dykstra and John Kruk to create the Krukstra 5000. He was to bat .400, be impervious to the most gruesome of hangovers, and have cheeks pliable enough to chew six packs of Red Man per at bat. Regrettably, my calculations were off and the Krukstra 5000 had the IQ of a goat. I was forced to release him into the wild and he died of exposure soon thereafter, but it’s nice to know he made it to a Luis CK show before he perished.

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