Spotted: Some Dude in an Alex Anthopoulos Jersey

anthop jersey

So, some dude was spotted in Dunedin, Florida wearing an Alex Anthopoulos jersey. I’m assuming it wasn’t Mr. Anthopoulos himself, because, well, that would be weird.

I’m curious: is this happening elsewhere? Any Duquette jerseys in Baltimore? Dipoto jerseys in Anaheim? What about Wren jerseys, in Atlanta? Anybody rocking a Mozeliak jersey in St. Louis? What about a shirsey? Any Alderson jerseys in Queens?

I fear this is a very slippery slope. The cult of the general manager, and all that.

H/T: My man Jerry, @NorthYorkJays.

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7 Responses to “Spotted: Some Dude in an Alex Anthopoulos Jersey”

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  1. Dave says:

    It wouldn’t be THAT weird to see AA wearing his own jersey. I mean, I see people with their own names on the back all the time. IF he was wearing a jersey, I’d expect it to be his. Would be a lot weirder to see him wearing a Lawrie jersey or something, no?

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  2. marklxndr says:

    We sometimes go to games in grey suit jackets with ANTHOPOULOS 11 (then 12 last year, now 13) marked on them in masking tape.

    I’d be surprised if fans of other teams would be as likely to do it as Blue Jays fans.

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  3. pete2286 says:

    Not sure if it is the same person but I noticed someone in the Anthopoulos #40 jersey on Saturday at the Jays/Phillies game in Dunedin.

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  4. Gggs says:

    The display of male superstars’ names in the form of a jersey is something that has always perplexed me. As a man, it makes no sense to advertise a much higher status man on your body like a billboard. It screams pathetic loser. And yet, go to any sports event and you’ll see lots of jock-y meatheads, tough guys and douchebags doing just that. Don’t they realize how lame it looks to women, to boost the competition? The only explanation is that the dudes who do this have no clue how women think.

    I suppose there is some evolutionary-based reason for it. Perhaps in the EEA, associating yourself with a strong male would increase the chance that he would drop some of his sloppy seconds in your lap. But that is not the case today. Sucking the titular cocks of sports stars (or no general managers?) or rock stars is nothing short of slavish worship, and worshipping another man is the hallmark of the loser mentality.

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  5. nuddles says:

    Vaswani-Biden in 2016 vs. Anyone with a pulse

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