Stadiums: Past, Present, Future and Imagined

Does this Seattle concept look upside down to anyone else?

We try to stay on top of all things internets here at NotG, but somehow this one slipped between the cracks for too long (say about 13 years too long). While we all may desire to visit each stadium on the continent, but in the meantime, we can surf the stadium porn that is Stadium Page.

It’s an amazingly complete resource. Want updates on the Marlins’ stadium construction? Check. Want to visit the stadium graveyard and see the eyesores that were Shea and the Astrodome? Check. A sidebar with stadium logos for the stadiums the author has visited? Check. Want to check out some world series rings? Check (but the link to stadiums is a little specious).

While reminiscing about stadiums past and dreaming of stadiums future are strong enough enticements to visit, the site hits its highest notes when it shows concept drawings of stadiums never made. Like concept car drawings, these faux stadiums are a window into a parallel universe where our culture celebrates the bizarre and takes chances with multi-million dollar stadium designs. Look at how strange the 1965 retractable roof Boston Dome was! Imagine taking in a game on Manhattan Island’s West Side! Pine for the unrealized Portland Dome! Marvel at the futuristic Kauffman Stadium that George Jetson would have loved! The complete page of unrealized concepts is a little hard to find, but it’s right here.

Stadium Page: all your stadium porn needs in one place.

H/T: Ben Kabak of RiverAvenueBlues and SecondAvenueSagas

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  1. Mac says:

    World Series rings are the height of stadium porn. A very popular design is to depict the team’s stadium on the ring’s side, often with the WS trophy in the middle of the park. A casual browse shows stadiums on the all three NY rings from 98-00, Angels 02, Bo-Sox 04 & 07, StL 06, Phils 08, and NY 09.

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  2. Danmay says:

    Very cool stuff! The new Marlins stadium is shaping up to be pretty cool without being retro at all, imagine that.

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